Changing WHAT is taught and the materials/resources/mechanisms through which they learn.

Key Elements:

  • Differentiation is based on essential concepts and principals.
  • All learners develop essential concepts and principals, but development can be from simple to complex, single-faceted to multiple-faceted.
  • High relevance for all learners
  • Create questions that encourage critical and creative thinking at their level of readiness.
  • Pre-Assess content knowledge.¬† Re-teach or extend¬† (in place of, not more of the same!)
  • Adapt the pacing.

How: Differentiate through:

  • Multiple texts and supplementary print resources
  • Varied computer programs
  • Varied Audio-visuals
  • Varied time allotments
  • Compacting
  • Contracts
  • Group investigation
  • Interest Center
  • Study of Practicing Professionals