A complex approach that focuses teacher response to student learning profile based on several personality and learning inventories which hypothesize that students have one of four learning preferences by which teachers plan and deliver instruction for a given unit (i.e., Type 1: Innovative Learners—primarily interested in personal meaning / Type 2: Analytic Learners—primarily interested in acquiring facts in order to deepen their understanding of concepts and processes / Type 3:  Common Sense Learners—primarily interested in how things work; they want to “get in and try it” / Type 4: Dynamic Learners—primarily interested in self-directed discovery).
Carrol Independent School District, www.southlakecarroll.edu

Teachers who use 4MAT plan instruction for each of four learning preferences over the course of several days on a given topic. Thus, some lessons focus on mastery, some on understanding, some on personal involvement, and some on synthesis. As a result, each learner has a chance to approach the topic through preferred modes and also to strengthen weaker areas.